Thursday, 1 February 2007

james snyder server project five

james snyder server project five

log 5

I set SSH to listen on TCP port 22.

my ssh name was something like

On one of my laptops, I logged into my firewall router page so that I could configure all the IP address settings in view of my new web server.

I made the following minor changes:

IP .2 > change to mine IP
IP .3 > change to mine IP

I checked my Network configuration:

Hostname: ubuntuhostname
HTTP Proxy: http://[[user]] [:pass] @] host
[:port] /"
partition to master
server domain name 127.0.1=servername

I verified my DNS settings:

and to update my web server operating system with the newest releases of software:

sudo apt-get update

and to check these updates in the sources file:

$/source/sources in mailform release file

and then to install the SSH server program so that he could look at my system from remote, from afar:

sudo apt-get install openssh-server

then I installed a program on one of my windows laptops that enabled me to log into my new Linux Web Server via remote control, called PUTTY.
When I executed the new Putty program, I had to check these settings:

use WAN address:

preferred DNS server:

Tomorrow I am going to check // as my default gateway to configure my router via ssh....

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