Tuesday, 25 January 2011

System Admin script for SuSE Linux

Script for multicast imaging networked computer machines in a Lab. Version 1.0
Checked and confirmed procedures 032010.

1. Delete PC from 'Console One'
2. Boot up PC from LAN.(check BIOS)
[check the default BIOS password aaaaa]
[if BIOS psswrd unavailable, reset BIOS]
[F8 boot]
3. Press CTRL ALT (@ autoselect)
4. Pick 'Strat ZENworks imaging maintenance'(it'll load linux from server)
[Engl Zim J.0.1] Press ESC key for Verbose mode
[Main Menu]
5. Press 2, maintenance menu
6. Press 7, exit to prompt
7. Type, #zisedit –c [#zisedit to see the details of the machine]
8. Type, #reboot (start imaging!)
9. Login to local machine
[id= support psswrd= either <!&AAA-AAAAAAA*!> Or <!*AA-AAAAAA&!>]
10. Check, time
[BST? N.B. to sync with central server local workstation time clock must be correct]
[Type name of machine]
11. Check mcafee antivirus
[Dynamic IP automatically assigned for room]
12. Check other add-on softwares
[run script for automatic installation & configuration]
[add apps stable version]
[config system software]
[wait minimum 4 hours per machine, faster & less busy in morning]
13. Reboot
14. Login as a student to pick up printers
[check printer queue]
[Check programs at start, all programs]

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